Shout Out For National Falls Prevention Month

by Cheryl Hall on September 15th, 2017

September is Falls Prevention Month, so raise awareness in your practice by downloading the attached Patient Handout to share with your peers and patients!

Every 13 seconds an older adult is treated for a fall in an ER, and as therapistss, we know how devastating a fall can be to our patients. Since the majority of falls occur in and around the home, I am a firm believer in a comprehensive Home Safety and Performance Assessment for every patient.

The Physical Therapy Toolkit includes a Home Safety and Performance Assessment Handout covering:

• Assistive Devices
• Personal Risk Factors
• Exterior and Access to Home
• Foyer and Hallways
• Kitchen
• Living Areas
• Interior Stairs or Steps
• Bedroom
• Closets
• Bathroom
• Basement and Landry Area
• Telephone
• Fire Safety

Do your part to prevent a fall today!

Cheryl Hall, OT
Author and Illustrator, The Physical Therapy Toolkit

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