Comments by PTs and OTs from Around the World

I want to tell you how useful and great this product it. Thank you for compiling all of these resources into easy to use handouts!!
- Karen, Texas USA

By the way, your blog is great! You have a wealth of information! I have been spreading the news about your toolkit. It is great. Excellent job!!
- Nadine, Maryland USA

Its fantastic you created this easy to follow resource and with quick clear simple easy to follow instructions / pictures.
- Janet, Alberta Canada

I love your tool kit!!!!
- Gaytha, Oklahoma, USA

I really love what you have put together! I definitely promote it! :-)
- Ann, Iowa USA

I love the toolkit. I love having all the things that I have learned in one easy to access spot. Thank you for your time and hard work.
- Ellen, Texas USA

Thank you so much for the Toolkit. I love the simple illustrations, which makes it easy for my home health patients to understand.
- Gwen, Tennessee USA

I am on page 257.....loving it! Great job! Thank you so much for your hard work gathering everything! One day I hope to have all this info filed in my head!!
- Molly, Utah USA

I absolutely love the tool kit and use it daily!!!! Thanks so much for your hard work!!!
- Laura, Minnesota USA

Thank you for compiling this resource, it's a brilliant and useful idea.
- Nikki, Tennessee USA

You are GREAT! This toolkit has been the BEST investment, of my career, thus far!!! THANK YOU!
- Dawna, Hawaii USA

I love this resource. After spending 15 years in out-patient orthopedics this has been invaluable as I've transitioned to work as a traveler and am currently in a home health setting.
- Tammy, Indiana USA

I really love the handouts. They are worth every penny!
- Corey, Pennsylvania USA

I think it is an invaluable resource and I tell everyone about your site.
- Erin, California USA

Your toolkit is remarkable.
- Nancy, Ireland UK

I love the toolkit- I am working in home care and have used lots of the handouts and information, its been wonderful.
- Anna, Alaska USA

I love the toolkit.
- Narelle, NSW Australia

Thanks very much for all the hard work you have done for our profession.
- Mary, Virginia USA

Thank you for all the hard work you did putting it together - it will be used a great bit!
- Rebecca, Florida USA

Awesome! It is so fabulous, thank you for creating it!
- Jennifer, Arizona USA

Your toolkit is a great resource, clear and concise and I am so thankful I found it.
- Jan, Maine USA

What a great resource.
- Liezel, NSW Australia

What a great resource! I'm going to do some on call work at a SNF after an 8 year break from working to stay at home with my kids. Your manual will be a great help. I love the resources at the back. You did a great job and this is well worth the money.
- Julie, Utah USA

What a great resource!!
- Scott, Michigan, USA

I LOVE the pt. education and illustration in this product!
- Cindy, Arizona USA

Your toolkit was a big help for me and really interesting.
- Manda, Finland

I just wanted to tell you that the toolkit is a great resource. You've done an amazing job putting it all together.
- Diana, BC Canada

Your tool kit is a God sent, especially for me. Working in "PEDS" and then trying to "survive" SNF's is very nerve racking every time I do it. But I HAVE to do it. Your book is such a great manual! Thanks for putting together a GREAT resource for people like me!
- Kristina, Florida USA

I love your tool kit! What an amazing tool. I wish I would have had access to this when I first began practicing.
- Susie, Maryland USA

First can I thank you for creating a wonderful toolkit. I have found this resource very useful.
- Amanda, England UK

Your book is probably the BEST resource I could have. It is going to make a huge difference in my work. I can't believe everything you have covered in there! It is truly worth the money.
- Jill, Michigan USA

Your toolkit is fantastic. Thank you!
- Sarah, Ontario Canada

It really is a fantastic resource. I will definitely be recommending it!
- Victoria, South Africa

I LOVE the Toolkit and use it daily.
- Missy, Illinois USA

Thanks for all your great work! I think I do a better job in home health because of your Toolkit and patient handouts!
- Dorinda, Oregon USA

Thanks again for the time and effort you have put into this project. For a newbie SNF therapist like me it is an invaluable resource.
- Jacob, Illinois USA

I have used your toolkit for years. I love it!!! I have printed out the handouts and given them to countless patients. So, thank you very much! I think this is a wonderful idea. I appreciate everything you've done!
- Cindy, Illinois USA